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Get more done, have more time, and save money

Why Outsource Payroll?

If you are looking for payroll services in Kansas, let Corban OneSource customize the right solution for your company. With a national presence, Corban OneSource specializes in working with companies that have between 100 and 3,000 employees with their payroll outsourcing needs.

Outsourcing the non-strategic, non-revenue generating aspects of your company to a business partner that specializes in that area leads to increased profitability. A recent study by PriceWaterhouse Coopers found that, "85% of all companies that outsource are more profitable."

We relieve the headache caused by handling payroll on your own


Corban OneSource's payroll services in Kansas takes your back office payroll functions and makes it our front office. Managing your payroll is one of the most time consuming, yet least strategic areas of operating your business (no matter what size company). Our clients consistently tell us, "My time is better spent elsewhere."

Whether you are the CFO, Controller, or HR Leader, time spent is still time lost and the question our clients most ask themselves is, "Does it really make sense to keep this function in-house or does outsourcing it make more sense?"

You will be able to focus more closely on your core business activities while we are focusing on your payroll. Growth and Profitability impact your bottom line. Does managing your payroll have the same effect?

More than just payroll processing:  
Flexible payroll services and solutions to fit the needs of your business

  • Payroll Administration: When you need more than just payroll processing.
    Corban OneSource not only handles all of the typical processing facets of payroll, but we can also take the actual work off of your plate from an administration standpoint. There is a big difference between just Payroll Technology Processing and actual Payroll Administration.
  • Payroll Technology / Processing: Online and User Friendly.
    For those times when the only thing needed is payroll processing. Corban OneSource provides you with the advanced web-based technology and you input your payroll to be processed (we print the checks, file taxes, garnishments, etc.).

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